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Homework will generally be given a few times during the week. Having practice problems, take-home assignments, projects and activites to do outside of class is a good way to bridge home and school, and to find real world applications of the concepts covered in class. Your student may have nights where they are not expected to be working to complete anything from class. If you would like to find out what work your student has coming due, please check out their class home page.


The type of activities we will be doing in class are completed in order to meet the Nova Scotia provincial curriculum outcomes. Every attempt will be made to provide a variety of type and style of activity/investigations to ensure that students will have varied opportunities for success. This will involve time to complete work in class (where possible), and monitoring to ensure students are working to meet expectations.

Extra Help

Extra help will be given during lunch on Thursdays. If extra help is needed outside of these times, I can be available for a specific appointment another day or after school. Please contact me in advance to arrange a time.

Contact Mr.Mrezar

If you have any concerns involving your student and their progress please contact me. E-mail is the best way to be in touch and if necessary we can arrange a time to speak on the phone or in person. Please do not feel that you need to wait until Parent-Teacher night to be in contact.