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Science 7

Course Description

This course is for students to continue their study of science at the Grade 7 level. The topics covered in this class include: Ecosystems, Mixtures and Solutions, Temperature and Matter, and Geology. For more information, check out the Course Outline


Welcome to Science 7! This week we are receiving our textbooks, going over the course outline and expectations, looking at the units we will be completing this year, and beginning our first activity!

This course runs from September to June and requires 3 hours in class per week. Please adjust your schedules to include time to complete necessary course work outside of class as needed. Every opportunity will be given to complete work in school.


  1. Students have their Ecosystems Quiz passed back, Tuesday, October 27th. Please be sure to review the results on PowerSchool.
  2. Students are beginning a Science article exploration this week. Questions associated with this should be completed for Thursday, October 29th.